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Your first visit with a nutrition therapist involves a comprehensive nutritional and lifestyle assessment. During this time, we discuss your medical, weight, and diet history.  We will also learn more about your lifestyle, your routine, and your health goals.   

Together, we will determine a plan of action.  Your individual plan will be designed and continually tailored to meet your specific needs.  There is no cut-out model.  Everyone is unique, and deserves a plan of action that suits their lifestyle and personal goals.   

We work through the stages of individual behavior change to help you realize your needs, set goals, and become empowered to make healthy decisions in your daily life.  Topics include: 

·          personal medical and family health history

·          personal health and habit awareness

·          understanding personal triggers and emotional eating

·          increasing awareness of hunger and satiety (fullness)

·          strategies to improve eating during holidays and social events

·          developing restaurant eating techniques

·          learning which foods to choose while shopping

·          creative activity concepts and social connections

·          developing individual meal planning and eating strategies

Modifying your behavior and habits takes time and practice.   We recommend following up with your therapist for continued support and education.  Follow-up visits may be in person, or on the phone.  Depending on your needs, follow-up visits may last 20-40 minutes. 

We are happy to accommodate groups.  Group members receive the same benefits, but the education is provided in a classroom-style format.  Individual consults will take place before or after the group session.

Please contact us for information about group programs.  

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