Services for our corporate clients:  

Individual Sessions

Employees will have the opportunity to work, individually, with a registered dietitian.  These educational and motivational sessions are geared to assist with goal setting and health management.  Employees appreciate the individualized treatment and personalized approach. 

Nutrition Workshops

Foods2Chews will provide your company with high-quality nutrition workshops.  If you would like to supplement with other health-related workshop topics, we are happy to assist with networking.  The Foods2Chews Nutrition Workshops address prominent issues in an interactive and informative atmosphere. 

Health Promotion Activities

Forget the cookie cutter, canned employee health promotion programs.  Foods2Chews offers a truly dynamic and innovative approach to health events. Health promotion activities will be tailored to suit the needs of your business – providing interactive, accessible, accurate, and interesting information.   

Café Analysis

If you are interested in improving the fare at your on-site café, or would like guidance for nearby eatieries, we can help.  After discussing your needs and company goals, we will visit the worksite and analyze the eateries.  Our staff will review the menu, perform nutrition analyses, and provide you with a list of recommended items.  If you would like additional consulting about healthy alternatives, vending options, menu updating, marketing, or providing nutrition information, we are happy to oblige. 

Executive Health Management

All work and no play???  This may seem like the mantra for many top-level executives.  If you don’t have time to play, how can you possibly have time to manage your health?!  Well…fortunately, this is not always the case.   For some, a healthy lifestyle is their #1 priority.  But, for most, it is hard to find time to plan meals, eat healthy, exercise, and stay current with preventive health screenings.  For those who need an extra push, or help with time management, our therapists are here to help.  Inquire today about how Foods2Chews can assist with charting a tailored program to keep your health in check. 

Foods2Chews provides Food4Thought

Valuable  information on healthy eating and healthy living is an absolute must for every workplace, medical office, waiting room, and community center.  These materials can also be tailored to meet your company's individual and creative needs (branding, etc).

With Foods2Chews Corporate Wellness, the opportunities are endless!  Please contact us to discuss how we can add a healthy spark to your workplace. 


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